Feldenkrais class in Amherst

mobility, healing,
and the enjoyment of movement

Feldenkrais in Paris

Molly Schaffner offers Feldenkrais classes in Paris 20th and online. She believes in her students’ potential and guides them towards their goals. Old or young, anglophone or francophone, active or hurting, there’s always more comfort, mobility, and healing to be had.

Ongoing Online Classes on Zoom

Le Feldenkrais se prête bien à l’apprentissage en ligne. Vous serez guidé.e dans des explorations sensorielles sans même avoir à regarder à l’écrant

Fridays, courtesy of 5 Lines Feldenkrais, 5pm EDT (in English)
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, with Sara Lindon et Corine Miret, (in French)
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Individual Sessions on Zoom 

I am happy to work with you individually to address your particular concerns. Contact me to set up a meeting.

Hands-on Sessions

Gentle, hands-on sessions bring relief from pain and improve your movement and wellbeing

Movement Classes

Slow, gentle movement lessons to calm your nervous system, and improve your coordination and ease of movement